About Us

TECFLOWER AG, the company behind the andi be free® brand, was founded in 2015 and is an innovative technology company based in central Switzerland. Tecflower AG develops wireless power and data transfer solutions for small electronic devices, for both the retail and enterprise markets. We utilize the most advanced and proven technologies including induction, NFI, Bluetooth and WLAN to develop next generation products and solutions. 

TECFLOWER’s mission is to develop technologies that supports modern lifestyles. Wireless power should be available anytime, anywhere. The rapid development of smartphone technology has been incredibly beneficial for humanity, advancing connectivity and functionality in both personal and professional capacities. However, this development has not been without some negative effects. Our daily reliance upon mobile phones has not only led to an explosion of charging cables in circulation (adding significant electronic waste) but also for many, introduced an additional daily task of ensuring our smartphones are charged and available at all times.

TECFLOWER AG has built up a significant amount of knowledge and expertise in the field of wireless mounting and charging. Under andi be free®, we have developed a smartphone charging system that eliminates the need for most charging cables and supports a seamless user experience at home, in the car and at work. Our devices provide your smartphone with a docking base wherever you are, so that it is always in view and fully functional, whenever you need it.